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Professional Commercial Drain Cleaning in Atlanta

In the commercial plumbing industry, no business presents a greater challenge to plumbing than restaurants and other commercial kitchens. Not surprising when you look at a commercial kitchen with its array of sinks, high-pressure water nozzles, dishwashers, ice machines, and plumbing appliances of all kinds. Add in the demand that public restrooms create with their additional sinks and toilets, and you can see how important commercial drain cleaning can be.



There are several steps a business can take when it comes to avoiding costly and time-consuming plumbing issues. Getting onto a regular commercial drain cleaning schedule is the first step toward avoiding expensive plumbing related disasters. Businesses with commercial kitchens tend to experience more plumbing related emergencies, simply based on the volume of water and the number of fixtures involved.

Another proactive step a commercial customer can take is to have a thorough inspection of their plumbing system performed. Marquise Commercial Plumbing performs complete visual inspections of all exposed plumbing, as well as an internal inspection with our high-definition drain and sewer line cameras.

When it comes to the plumbing in your business, make sure your employees understand the proper procedures for disposing of things like wastewater or cooking grease. In public restrooms, be sure to post signs about not flushing paper towels or other hygiene items and provide somewhere to dispose of them.


If you notice that your commercial kitchen or bathroom drains are emptying slowly, try using vinegar and hot water, or an enzyme-based drain cleaner to clear the drain. For heavier clogs, or clogs in the sewer line, you’ll need a professional commercial plumbing company to clear the blockage.


  • Get your business onto a regular commercial drain cleaning schedule. For most businesses, a yearly drain cleaning service is enough, whereas a commercial kitchen may require more frequent service.

  • Do not use chemical drain cleaners to remove clogs from your plumbing. Aside from the hazards of the harsh chemicals to humans, chemical drain cleaners are terrible for your plumbing and can lead to pipe corrosion issues.

  • Don’t wait for a slow drain issue to get worse. Call a Marquise Commercial Plumbing for drain cleaning to inspect your drain and sewer lines, and based on that inspection will either recommend using a drain snake or hydro-jetting.


Marquise Commercial Plumbing Service understands that commercial plumbing management can be a daunting task. We have serviced the Atlanta area since 2000.

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