Water Main Break Repairs in Atlanta

Water mains are large plumbing pipes that carry water from a local reservoir or water pumping station to your property. Although they are buried underground for convenience and protection, water main breaks can still occur, leaving your property without water or subject to water damage. Your plumber at Marquise Commercial Plumbing offers commercial plumbing services including leak detection, tankless, electric, or gas water heater issues, and septic tank pumping near Atlanta.

Signs of a Water Main Break

Water main breaks may be large or small, causing symptoms that are either immediately noticeable or that appear over time. However, water main problems will not abate until addressed by a plumber, meaning they have the potential to grow much worse if not repaired quickly. Thus, knowing the signs of a plumbing problem related to you water main can prevent these issues from escalating unchecked. If you suspect a problem with your property's water main, call your emergency plumber immediately to handle the situation. Signs of a leak or problem in a water main include:

  • water leaking out from around manhole covers labeled "water" or "water supply."
  • visible leaks from or water pooling around fire hydrants.
  • standing water on your property, including wet pavement and spongy or muddy areas on your lawn or landscaping.
  • isolated areas of extreme landscaping or lawn overgrowth.
  • buckling of sidewalks and pavement outside your property.
  • sinkholes on lawns or paved areas.

Common Causes of Water Main Breaks

Water mains are susceptible to damage from a variety of factors. Marquise Commercial Plumbing can help you determine the specific risks to your water main so you can take steps to prevent leaks or breaks in the line. Call us today at (678) 546-7596 for plumbing maintenance, repairs, and emergency plumbing near Atlanta.

  • The age of a water main can increase its risk for a leak. Water mains older than 60 years are more likely to experience leaks than newer plumbing pipes.
  • Water mains made from iron can be damaged by temperature changes and are more likely to break than those made out of other materials, such as PVC.
  • The hardness of your water can lead to plumbing problems, including water main breaks. Hard water deposits can put extra stress on your water main or cause corrosion that leads to leaks.
  • Soil erosion caused by weather and human factors can weaken a water main and make it more likely to break.
  • Tree roots or construction equipment can accidentally breach water mains, causing damage and leaks.

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